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There are a lot of excellent books out there written about, and some written by, J. L. Chamberlain.  The following is a select list of my favorites.  I've included a small selection of videos that are also worth a view, as well as some excellent music selections.

Most of the items listed on this page are available at  Just follow the link below.

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     Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain ~ The Passing of the Armies

    Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain ~ Bayonet, Forward

    Thomas A. Desjardin ~ Stand Firm Ye Boys From Maine

    John J. Pullen ~ The Twentieth Maine    (Reviewed ~ Click on the cover)

    Joshua Chamberlain ~ A Hero's Life & Legacy    (Reviewed ~ Click on the cover)

    Alice Rains Trulock ~ In The Hands Of Providence

    Willard M. Wallace ~ Soul Of The Lion

The Shaara Trilogy ~ Gods & Generals, The Killer Angles, & The Last Full Measure


    Gettysburg ~ 1993

The Civil War ~ 1989 (DVD to be released on September 17, 2002)


Gettysburg Soundtracks ~ 1993


    The Civil War ~ 1990

    Glory ~ 1989

    Vision of Souls - 1997*

*This CD is available only through the Pejepscot Historical Society



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